tumblr sick day– inexplicable

Day two of the Horrible Illness.  Have progressed from All the Snot in the World to If I Cough One More Time My Brain is Going to Explode and Then There Won’t Be a Blog and You’ll Be Sorry Then, Yes, You Will.  This is indeed a Horrible Illness.  Yes, it is just a cold but it is the Komodo dragon of colds, basking torpid in the dirt with teeth so filthy that its bite is semi poisonous,  and it deserves some respect.

Since I am not up to anything else, have an inexplicable* but aesthetically pleasing image from my Tumblr.  I have it filed as a matchbox label but even that is conjecture. The only information I can offer is that recent extensive study of the tiles on the computer mah jongg game suggests that the horizontal lines in the yellow circles are the numbers one and two.  Perhaps this is some kind of bizarre matchbox label equivalent of an exercise video?  Regardless,  I like it .chineselabel*Inexplicable, that is, to those who don’t read Chinese.  If you can, please explain it and I will revise this post accordingly.

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