tumblr sunday– the favorite

One of life’s great annoyances for any artist is to discover another artist who is doing the same thing you are, except much better.  So you can imagine how I felt when this image rolled across my tumblr horizon:rayyanfavoriteThis little girl has a Horrible Creature which is way more horrible than any Horrible Creature I have ever drawn.  I am clearly going to have to step up my game.  This painting is called “The Favorite”, which leads you to wonder what other beasties she has in her collection of pets.

The plus side of all this is discovering another cool artist to study and hero worship.  The painting above is by Omar Rayyan, and his website is full of amazing work you really should look at– elegant, humorous and technically refined fantasy art with some serious classical European chops.  If you have an art history background you can find a variety of call backs, shout outs, cameos and references to a variety of famous paintings, and if you like to read there are lots of clever illustrations from famous books and stories.  There is even at least one more really excellent Little Girl with a Horrible Creature, which I will leave you to find.

Omar Rayyan: highly recommended.

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