peacock blue and crocobeige

Is there some kind of rule that every zoo on the planet has to have a flock of peafowl wandering loose around the place yelling?  I followed this guy around with the fast fifty for a half hour or so on my recent zoo visit, hoping he would give me a chance at a tail display shot, but it was so windy he would have sailed away.  As it was, I found him posing tastefully with a variety of other blue objects, plus some flowers in a complementary yellow, and sitting peacefully in the dirt, behind a bit of what looks like yucca:

There is no question that the true peacock blue is one of the world’s great colors and a good test for the color rendering of any lens.  And, of course, the peacock itself is a commonly used element in many design projects.  So here, free of charge, are some book matched folded-tail peacock reference shots to add symmetry to your next Art Nouveau poster:

Finally, a reminder that not all interesting animals are colorful.  This handsome pair remains impressive in a symphony of beige and taupe.crocobeige-blog

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