otterly dreadful photographs

But still otterly cute.  Puns abound when trying to “catch” the otters in the indoor otter tank at the zoo.  These little guys are fast swimmers, and it’s a challenge to keep your shutter speed up high enough in the low light to stop the action.  The results are not great by any objective standard, but they will make good references.  An otter is an intelligent creature and supposedly one of the most playful as an adult.  I’m pretty sure these two were having a great time fleeing the big bad Pentax, then coming back for more.  Fine, I will provide entertainment for otters.  otterly-wholeshot-blog

(Camera geeks: the first shot is a whole frame; the other three are cropped.  Lens is the fast fifty, wide open at  f/1.4. Shutter speed 1/800 and 1/500, ISO 3200 and 6400.)

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