lenticular bookmark wolf 2

Bulletin Board Bulletin!!:

This morning, the archive librarians of the Noakes Library, along with their student assistants, the pages and interns and that part of the general library riffraff (that’s us!) who know the top secret location of the Dreaded Basement Break Room, came in for their first cup of coffee and saw this.Lenticular wolf original 4 sharpened Hanging from the handle of one of the dozen mismatched kitchen cabinets lining the walls of that august chamber was a cheap “3D” bookmark from the drugstore accompanied by a yellow sticky note block lettered (with a new Sharpie) with a message generally assumed to be “aimed at” the Head Archivist, Professor Lykander.

The prime suspect in this satirical art installation is  the Professor’s own student assistant, Iowa Ginsberg, and it was almost certainly Iowa who posted the phone camera picture to her Noakes Library Archives and Bulletin Boards tumblr , since nobody else seems to know the password. (We asked around.) The pic got passed around pretty quickly, so by the time the Professor came around, looking like he had had a rough night of the four footed kind (we can always tell), he was pretty much forced to be a good sport about it. We’re going to call him the Lenticular Bookmark Wolf (LBW for short) for the rest of the Summer Term. Pass it on!

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