lenticular bookmark wolf 3

Of course, once Iowa emailed and texted her pics of the lenticular bookmark wolf to a dozen or so of her closest friends, the photographers among them started messing with them in their editing suites.  The results, she discovered, fell into two camps, and she shared her favorites in both with me.

There were black and white lenticular bookmark wolves– very artistic:

and lenticular bookmark wolves with the color messed with until the wolf’s eyes were a weird bright color, which were pretty much creeptacular:

It wasn’t exactly the same as going viral with her lenticular wolf and his sticky note tag line, but according to Iowa, the reaction was still pretty gratifying.

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3 Responses to lenticular bookmark wolf 3

  1. Wolfie says:

    Tonight, on a very special “Lenticular Bookmark Wolf”…
    Lenticular Bookmark Wolf comes muzzle-to-muzzle with his estranged brother, Lone Wolf, who ran away from home to howl at the moon and pursue a fabulous career in modeling. After making it big on the Three Wolf Moon T-shirt, fame, drugs, and chasing cars took their toll… now Lone Wolf is back, in tonight’s episode… “The Wolf is At Your Door”.

    • Rick Santman says:

      Next week, a brand new episode, as Lenticular Bookmark Wolf and Lone Wolf meet their cousin from out West, Coyote the trickster!

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    More shows we would all so watch if they really existed. Note, please that in today’s post I added another character to the cast.

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