world cup knockout follow up

In Tuesday’s post concerning the results of the World Cup knockout round (sorry– “round of 16” sounds too boring), I mentioned a reason one might, if one’s favorite side had been knocked out, decide to follow Belgium as the tournament continues.  I had in my notes a quote from one of the British commentators saying that one of the Belgian players “had a tattoo of Antwerp Cathedral somewhere on his person”.

Alert reader Kim, who is apparently a fan of a) the World Cup, b) international level football in general, c) Belgium, d) athletic trivia, and/or e) the art of tattoo, promptly identified both the player and the location of the tattoo.  The answers are “Toby Alderweireld” and “his right arm” respectively.  I must say in passing that the phrase “somewhere on his person” suggested a more interesting place than the right arm.  I have been enjoying several days of speculation as to what would provoke  a person to get a tattoo of Antwerp Cathedral on a part of the body normally covered by a FIFA approved football kit, and am somewhat saddened to find myself cut off from an entertaining line of inquiry.

However, it is always better to know something than to not know it, and a quick Google image search for “Toby Alderweireld tattoo” yielded useful results.  Mr. Alderweireld has a number of striking tattoos, primarily of a religious nature, and one of the Cathedral is on the inside of his right arm.  The image on the left is pre-Cathedral,  and a shot of the finished tattoo, featuring the North Tower against the moon, is on the right.

So there you go.  Thank you Kim, and go Red Devils!

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