roz chast is always amazing

It’s very strange to note that I have been keeping this blog for more than two years and have never mentioned one of my favorite cartoonists: Roz Chast.  The cover of this week’s  New Yorker gives me a good excuse for correcting that massive oversight.  Here is Roz Chast’s “Venus on the Beach”:CV1_TNY_08_04_14Chast.inddThis drawing is a good example of many of the things I admire about Chast’s work: her composition, her linework, her use of color (she also makes wonderful effects in greyscale tones), her figure drawing, particularly her women and and girls, her keen social and cultural observations, and her dry wit.  She is interested in words, particularly written words, but she also excels, as she does here, in worldless cartoons that depend on the reader to fill in the background with his or her own knowledge.

And of course, as an avid phone camera user, it just plain cracks me up.  Because you know that if Botticelli’s Venus washes up on an American beach in her half shell, there are going to be a dozen phone cam shots up on the Internet in about 2 minutes.

Read a bit more about the cover and look at a slideshow of great Roz Chast summer cartoons here.

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