big box, big universe

All around our little corner of the vast Knotted Rope, big box home improvement stores are a routine part of many people’s lives, helping fill our material needs for, among other things, attic insulation and sets of inexpensive pliers.  A familiar chain of these stores is known in many timelines by a name rhyming with “Dome Cheapo”.  In all of these timelines, which are closely connected, the only major difference is the distinctive “signature color” on its signage, displays,  labels, paint buckets, employee aprons and just about everything else in the store.  Otherwise, the stores are all exactly, spookily, the same.

If you happen to be able to travel between dimensions (via mutation, psi powers, magic spell, dimension gate in the back of your bedroom closet, pet dragon, or whatever) knowing a few of these crucial details can really help you get oriented when you find yourself in an unfamiliar timeline.  Information of this kind is hard to find, since the people who have it tend to keep it strictly under wraps.  But I did hear from a reliable source that in places where this store’s signature color is green their delivery and rental trucks will always be “cool Citroens with big Art Deco grilles”.  And places where it is orange are “trouble”.

(Yes, as long as you have a phone camera and a multiverse to play in, you will never, ever be bored.)

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