recently voted character most likely to: never wear a trucker cap, or where do ideas come from?

beer wolf-blogIn this case, the idea came from a visit to an antique mall in Michigan where I found this striking sculpture of a (very) minor pop culture icon, which immediately suggested this Italian restaurant placemat sketch and accompanying fictional wolf placemat drawingGideon Lykander, Librarian and Archivist, Noakes Library, Sauk Trail State University:

Ms Ginsberg, staff picnic or no staff picnic, I hardly think that this … object constitutes appropriate headgear.  It seems to be made entirely of petroleum based artificial materials.  I don’t care if you and Ms. Halloo and Mr. Swann do think that sleazy bar room artifact “looks exactly like me”.  No, I will not “do the ears” so you can prove it.

There.  Are you satisfied?  Mr. Swann?  Are you giggling?  Put your camera away, Ms. Halloo– if a photograph of me wearing this appears in public in any way, I will bite you.  I will bite all of you and it will be very painful.

Now take this thing away and bring me my Panama.  And a mimosa. A large one. I feel quite faint.

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