food news

Two items of food news from the Files of the New Phone Camera.  First, there was a sale at the Local Chain Grocery Store this week.  The values are astounding! Everyone is talking about it.  Look at those big, big, savings!IMG_20140823_160850(1)I don’t know how they can stay in business for long if they keep offering discounts like this.  Particularly if they are baking the French bread twice, which has got to add to the overhead. Doesn’t do the bread a lot of good either.  (Seriously, what this town needs is a decent bakery.  There’s one new place that calls itself a bakery, but when you go in it’s all doughnuts and cookies and tarts and cakes.  That is not a bakery, people, that is a pastry shop.  A very decent pastry shop– my plain cake doughnut was absolutely perfect– but still.  Not a bakery.)

Second, I have succeeded in photographing the new dessert at the Chinese buffet.  According to a little girl who was casing out the dessert table before she filled up on those tedious proteins and vegetables, this item is called a “chocolate waffle”.  That’s a plenty good enough name, and it’s pretty much exactly what it looks like: a sort of semi-stale waffle, somehow still vaguely crispy, covered with a waxy dark chocolatey coating.IMG_20140823_160030Quite  tasty, but hard to shoot. The secret is a touch of exposure compensation to bring out the details in the dark brown surface.

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