things that annoy werewolves

Number one: speciesist advertising campaigns.

Seriously, said the Professor, the Newcastle Werewolf is not even a Thing.  It’s not like they named the beer after some legitimate, if farfetched, element of folklore.  No, it’s exploitation, pure and simple.  Just another piece of Halloween marketing!  And really, who stays in his transitional form longer than it takes to go from man to wolf and back again?  It’s indecent.

You do, said Iowa, who was used to his mutterings on all matters lycanthropic.   You do it all the time when you want something off a high shelf on a full moon night.

Well, that’s different.  That’s in the library– a matter of professional necessity, and in private except for the occasional nosy assistant.   It’s not like I’m posing for a box of beer.  Really, it’s quite outrageous …

Of course everyone at the library found the matter most amusing, particularly after Suki took a few phone camera shots of the box in question, tweaked them most artistically with a bit of cropping and vignetting,  and posted them on all the usual bulletin boards.

And the Entertainment Committee is definitely going to get one of those Newcastle Werewolf tap handles for the Secret Pub as soon as they can scrape the money together.

(Yes, that’s a real beer, and a real box, which I think is quite striking. I have no idea if the beer is any good, but if you want to try it, the Beer Advocate website says it is an Irish Red Ale.)

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