best of the drawing of the day, week 124– the armored corgi

drawingoftheday-week124-armoredcorgiThe Armored Corgi: Previously Unknown to Science!

Hip young scientist in tank top: Gosh, Professor!  It’s amazing!  Jaded older scientist in white shoes: You say that now, but it just ate your lunch, too.

Oh, the endless adventures of those wacky sketchbook scientists.  The professor has seen  too many “fascinating” specimens ransack the fridge in the breakroom– at this point he just wants to eat his leftover lasagna in peace.  Lets see how the kid deals with this afternoon without his noontime yogurt and pine nuts or whatever that stuff is.  Especially when he finds out it drank both his “energy drinks” as well.  That thing is going to be bouncing off the walls. Kerrrang!

This is the best drawing of a turtle I have ever done.  At least, it started off as a drawing of a turtle.

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