the mysterious snowflake gown

I’ve started carrying the small camera around on more of my walks, and last week I saw this slightly mysterious arrangement of objects. mysterious gown-cropped-blogWhy, I wondered, was the ice blue snowflake gown hanging in the window in the last hot green days of summer?

There’s a story there somewhere.

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8 Responses to the mysterious snowflake gown

  1. Johanna says:

    The name of the story is probably “Frozen”. Looks like a girl’s costume.

    • Pam Bliss says:

      Thanks– you and Meg are both correct. I did a bit of research and that’s certainly what it looks like. That’s what I get for failing to watch all those animated movies.

      The picture is better without this knowledge, but there’s no hiding from the truth!

  2. Meg says:

    Yeah, I was gonna say it looks like an Elsa costume.

    • Pam Bliss says:

      Meg joins Johanna in a practically simultaneous calling out of my lack of pop culture savvy! I bow to the superior knowledge of two smart women I am lucky to know. Thanks, Meg.

  3. Tom Cherry says:

    I have no clue about the snowflake gown, but that thing sticking out of the wooden bowl makes me feel uncomfortable.

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