save the phone doodles!

We’ve discussed before the long and honorable history of the phone doodle, that marvelous school of art practiced by practically everyone in the days when there was always a pad of paper (or a conveniently placed painted wall) near the phone where you could write down all those important messages.  Yes, young people, there used to be a time when people didn’t have their own phones in their pockets at all times, and they had to used shared phones!  One phone in the house for everyone in the family!  One phone in the hall for a whole bunch of people in a dorm!  A payphone on a street corner or in a drugstore or in a hotel lobby for anyone to use!  You really had to write things down.

So this morning, when I had to take an important phone call and take some serious notes about some serious business, I found myself doodling a  phone doodle for the first time in a long time.  Save the phone doodles!  They’re getting to be an endangered species.phonedoodlecorgi2This one’s a corgi!  The paper is the inside back page of the drawing of the day sketchbook, the pen is some kind of really sharp, slippery gel pen that I found in the Coffee Cup of Doom and Art Supplies.

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