“let’s add cars to old landscape paintings”

We seem to be on a fine art kick here on the old blog recently, and I say if we can catch a trend we should saddle it up and ride it off into the sunset.  So when I was taking my morning constitutional through the wilds of the internets and found a great art link, I knew I’d also found today’s special topic. So here, from Jalopnik … Wait. Jalopnik? Isn’t that the Gawker blog dedicated to sarcastic coverage of the auto industry and other car related topics? Oh, yeah. And today it’s the home of the aptly titled  “Let’s add cars to old landscape paintings”.

In this feature readers (whose digital image manipulation skills vary from rudimentary to mad) add cars to old landscape paintings (and newer landscape paintings, and other kinds of paintings) with results that range from thought provoking to just silly.  Also included are some beautiful Thomas Hart Benton paintings that had cars in them originally.  Expand the comments to see all the entries, but here are two of my favorites to get you started.  First, Monet’s classic Impressionist work “Amphicar and Water Lilies, Giverny”.old car landscape-amphicar monet And who can forget Edward Hopper’s lyrical “Lancia 037 on a Road in Maine”?old car landscape-lancia 37 hopper

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