best of the drawing of the day, week 130: twins, tutor, groceries


“The Twins, with their new Tutor, at the bus stop, with the groceries”

Imagine my shock to discover that the “best of the drawing of the day” posts have been going up more or less every week for rather more than two years– and you have never seen one of the “Twins, Tutor” series!  This is an occasional series of captioned drawings built on the formula “The Twins, with their New Tutor, in or at (location) with a/the (something).”  As nearly as I can remember, the first drawing reminded me of a Victorian or Edwardian family snapshot, the kind Mama would put in the family album with that kind of caption.

The twins vary, the tutors vary, the situations range from sweet to absurd to amusingly horrifying.  In this case the twins are boy and girl, on their way home from their fancy private school with their vaguely overwhelmed “tutor” who is actually more of a babysitter and who may not stay on the job for much longer.  Whatever he or she is being paid is not worth it and that barista gig is looking better all the time.  The girl twin was originally holding a hair ribbon, which is boring and hard to draw so it is recognizable as what it is.  The scary snake is much more interesting.  The Jumbo Market, with its elephant mascot, is the official grocery store of all my comics and sketchbook drawings.  Go to Jumbo for big, big savings!

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