midnight in the moonlight: part four

midnight4-mysteryOutside the library, in the smoky, cool, dead leafy, moon silver air, a mysterious creature is practicing aerobatics. Roughly the size and shape of a regular boring male human, it has the wings of a bat, the tail of a rat, and the horns and great glowing eyes of a gargoyle. midnight4-bat flying

The Small Feather Bat stretches his fingers and curls up his toes and flaps into the night to join the game: the man-shaped flyer does not fool him.

midnight4-rat flyingThe young rat spreads gossamer wings of ratty imagination and is, for tonight at least, an aviation pioneer: the first Flying Library Rat.

And the gargoyle follows, with a clutch of dried out rubber bands in one set of claws and a piece of stale candy corn in the other, and one of Iowa’s flash drives clutched in his prehensile toes. It’s just the one with the PDFs of the application forms for student jobs, so that’s OK.midnight4-gargoyleflying

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