tumblr sunday on time change day– fall back

What happened in Kekionga on the morning after Halloween? Tune in tomorrow.   Today, for our readers in the US at least*,  here’s a friendly reminder to turn your clocks and watches back an hour before you go to bed tonight. time change If you are the kind of ultra- modern person who doesn’t wear a watch and has no clocks that aren’t connected to a computer, please disregard.  The rest of us will think of you as we reset the two dozen or more timepieces we have around the place, perhaps using the modern equivalent of the official radio time signal commemorated in the above illustration.  And we’ll all enjoy the extra hour of sleep in the morning.

(*Sorry, but I have no idea when daylight savings time ends or begins in other countries.  All I know is that in the weeks right before Christmas it’s “all the way dark” here at 4:30 in the afternoon and it’s pretty depressing.)

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