tom magliozzi

Sad news today, as we hear of the death of Tom Magliozzi, the elder of “Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers” who hosted “Car Talk” on NPR for so many years.  I love radio, and “Car Talk” was one of my favorite programs, the constant companion of many, many Saturday mornings.  The Magliozzi brothers were real characters in the finest sense of the word (Tom was the one with very distinctive laugh) and much is being said today about how the show appealed to just about everyone, even those who weren’t interested in the nominal subject matter.  If you are actually interested in cars and car culture, you know just how appealing it was to us.  I learned a large share of what I know about the practical side of cars and driving from Tom and his brother Ray.  IMG_20141103_170733In memory of Tom, I went out into the driveway at twilight and took a snapshot of my own car.   Tom Magliozzi’s obituary at NPR is here.

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