best of the drawing of the day week 133– a bat man

drawingoftheday-week133-abatmanPlease note that the guy with the cape and the cave and the signal and the mobile is The Batman.  This is a bat man, so no harm no foul on the copyright front.  OK.  In terms of content, this drawing raises more questions than it answers.  If those are bat wings, why does he have feathers on his shoulders and the lower parts of his second arms?  And why are his ears shaped like bat wings? And if small scattered spirals in the sky are the sketchbook world code for snow flurries, then why the heck is the bat man not wearing a shirt, much less a jacket?  I don’t care how hard it is to get one to fit over the wings.

But this is actually today’s drawing of the day (the final corrections are still drying as I write this) so for once I remember enough to be able to tell you some technical secrets.

  • One, you can tell that I was feeling lazy when I started drawing it.  I have to sit up straight to work to my page, so when I’m feeling lazy and slouchy, I often start a drawing of the day with a figure in the lower left quadrant of the page.  The further down and to the left, the lazier I am feeling.  Very lazy today.
  • Two, you can tell I was watching something pretty interesting and fairly long on TV while I was working.  A dense drawing with ink on most of the page, drawn or inked with the scritchy-scratchy pen, is almost always the product of serious television time. (Masterpiece Mystery “Death Comes to Pemberley”, which I had been saving on the DVR until I finished rereading Pride and Prejudice. Quite good, but not fabulous.  Weird casting.)
  • Three, this is a “lucky drawing”, but not lucky enough.  It was drawn right on the page in pen, no blocking out and no underdrawing, and no planning.  But if you look closely you can see white out in several places.  This was not due to changing my mind so much as an excess of ink.  I cleared out spaces that had to be white but ended up smaller and narrower than they should be, and took out some stray lines where the shading trespassed over a white.
  • Four, the tree didn’t start out as a tree.  It’s actually the original second wing, which I thought would look good stretched out high.  It did not look good.  It looked like it had been forced into a weird shape to fit onto the page since I had started the figure in the wrong place.  (Which I did before I decided the guy had wings, so it was hardly my fault.)  I decided it would look better to put the second wing in a relaxed position that I hoped looked pretty “normal” (for a given value of normal as applied to a person with bat wings) even though it meant most if it ended up off the page.  The original linework for the wing is buried in the tree. This is called “drawing your way out of a corner”, and I suppose that wise people who plan every drawing never have to do it.  But it’s actually kind of fun, and doing it keeps you alert.

So there you go, a drawing where the snow falling on the page echoing the flurries in the air as winter falls on Kekionga.

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