on the price of butter

The price of butter is relevant to many (if not most) cartoonists.  (Unless you don’t eat dairy, and even then, you may be shopping for those who do.)  It’s a fact of life that the “artistic” spouse/roommate/family member, particularly if he or she is not working full time, often shoulders a large share of the domestic responsibilities around the place.  This isn’t a bad thing– somebody has to do it, after all, and you can ink while the turkey’s roasting or the bread is rising.  If you take this responsibility seriously, you will find yourself developing a disturbingly housewifely concern with the High Cost of Staple Commodities.  What they charge for butter these days is appalling.

So, with the holidays coming and many batches of Land-O-Lakes butter cookies needing to be baked, it’s time to start looking for bargains.  For many years, you tried to buy butter for less than two dollars US a pound, and more recently $2.50 was the jump-on-it point.  But with the current milk shortages, the usual price has risen to $4.19, and I was thinking that I would have to buy at $3, or even $3.25 this fall.  This doesn’t sound like a lot, but I use a metric ****load of butter in November, December, and early January and it adds up.  I buy it cheap at the pre Thanksgiving sales and freeze it ’till I need it.  If I’m still using it in June, that’s fine too.butter-4pounds-blog

And here’s today’s minor domestic triumph: four pounds of top grade butter for $2.68/pound.  Limit two, but a pal of mine was with me and kindly bought a couple of them. (She’d already stocked up.)  I feel awful for being pleased with myself over this, but hey, you take your thrills where you can get them.

Let’s just hope that this week’s Target flyer is a misprint.  Because anybody in town who’s paying $7 a pound for butter this week is out of his or her cotton-picking mind. (Meg points out that I missed that the $7 deal is a twofer– which is much more logical. Thanks for finding and reading the fine print!)

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2 Responses to on the price of butter

  1. Meg says:

    Was intrigued by $7 for butter, so I looked closer. It’s actually 2- 1lb packages of butter for $7, so $3.50 a pound. Still cheaper at T&C though.

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    Sorry– this comment got stuck in my moderation queue even though Meg has commented many times here with perfect civility and should definitely be on the “put her right through” list.. Stupid WordPress. As always, Meg is correct and paying closer attention than I am!

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