tumblr sunday: our neighbor to the north

Bonjour, Canada!/ Hi, Canada!   It would take a stronger blogger than I am to resist this oddly wonderful combination map and word search puzzle from Marvel Fun and Games #12 (1980).  Good luck to those who want to print it out and give it a try.tumblr_ncpxd1Su9k1shdts2o1_500

I did make a good faith attempt to find a Canadian history connection to hang this on, and in that attempt I found a  great internet resource: Today in Canadian History.  It was hard to choose from the many exciting events associated with November 16th, but on this day in 1970, Anne Murray received a gold record for her hit single “Snowbird”, becoming the first Canadian recording artist to earn that honor.  And the superheroine  Snowbird was one of the  original members of Alpha Flight! (That’s her in the pale blue and white.)Alpha_Flight_cast_picture_(John_Byrne_era) (Alpha Flight promotional art by John Byrne.)

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