super flemish!

16thcenturywolvieNow that I have your attention, have you ever wondered how famous characters from popular culture would look if they had “lived”  in the 16th Century and posed for their portraits in Flemish costume?  It’s sort of an odd question, but this wonderful cosplay from Paris answers it beautifully.  The costumes, the makeup, the colors, the poses: the Flemish portrait illusion is complete and captivating.   I’ve been saying for a while that we are currently living in a golden age of cosplay as an art form, and this show and its accompanying photographs by Sacha Goldberger take the medium further than I have ever seen it go.

Had a hard time picking a cover image for this post, but since I am on a bit of a Wolverine kick recently, have brooding Flemish Wolvie on the house.  See all the rest of the photographs, and they are truly wonderful photographs, in the Super Flemish portfolio on Sacha Goldberger’s website here.

(image by Sacha Goldberger, from

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