tumblr sunday: balthus

tumblr_nfids9CBJZ1qhgogbo1_500In this latest addition to my tumblr collection of black and white photographs of famous artists, we discover that Balthus, that master of enigmatic and sexually charged figure drawing, was kind of hot himself.  In 1948.  Through the lens of Irving Penn.

Read about Balthus here, but be aware that the first paragraph of his entry ends with this:

Throughout his career, Balthus rejected the usual conventions of the art world. He insisted that his paintings should be seen and not read about, and he resisted any attempts made to build a biographical profile. A telegram sent to the Tate Gallery as it prepared for its 1968 retrospective of his works read: “NO BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS. BEGIN: BALTHUS IS A PAINTER OF WHOM NOTHING IS KNOWN. NOW LET US LOOK AT THE PICTURES. REGARDS. B.”

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