“everybody but mike”

ultimate photo shootToday’s guest co-blogger is Wolfie, who not only submitted the image but also suggested the title of the post.  (Hey, I am as lazy as the next person.)  But it really is a wonderful picture, and an absolutely mind bending idea.  Every other human being that ever lived is in this photograph (in some form).  Everybody but Mike.  I don’t know whether I hope he was thinking about that when he took the picture or not.  That would have been a difficult thought to have when you were alone in a profoundly dangerous place.

My own file name for this image is “ultimatephotoshoot”, because that’s a whole lot of subjects in one frame.    Photographic gearheads can read about the camera Collins used here.  It was a Hasselblad EL, and he had two pretty nice bits of glass to put on it, a Zeiss Planar 80mm f/2.8 normal lens and a Zeiss Sonnar 250mm f/5.6 telephoto.  I honestly have no idea which he was using here, but my guess is it was the tele.

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