king tut– item#262

Continuing yesterday’s tribute to the coolness that is King Tut’s Tomb:King Tut anubis arkAmong the many more significant artistic treasures of that first and best Egyptian tomb, my favorite is the elegant Anubis Shrine, sometimes known as the Anubis Ark.  The Egyptian God of the Dead has never looked so good in his jackal form.  Anpu of Kekionga is based on this particular image of Anubis.

And this is my favorite photo of Anpu/Anubis, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, showing him atop his ark with his item number propped against his chest and a dust cloth knotted around his neck for a dashing cape effect.  He looks a bit annoyed at the whole thing, exactly like Anpu does when he can’t find an ashtray or when he thinks someone isn’t taking him seriously.King Tut, ark in museum(I think I’ve figured out the numbers.  #261 is the base with the feet and the carrying handles, which is at the left of the shrine in the second photo, while #262 is the shrine itself.)

(And Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers in the US.  In Kekionga, the gang is full of turkey, stuffing and Dutch apple pie, and Anpu is enjoying a peaceful smoke on the back porch while everyone else watches a Netflix movie and nobody does the dishes.)

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