best of the drawing of the day, week 135: a startling experience

drawingoftheday-week135-startledWell, that’s enough to knock a guy off balance!

It’s one thing to be born a hexapod.  If nothing else, you have plenty of time to get used to it before you’re expected to act like you’re coordinated.  It’s another thing to have it just happen one day on the way to school.  Oh yeah, you’ve had the Talk, the awful one about how you can expect certain Changes now that you’re a teenager, but you’re pretty sure this isn’t what they were talking about.

But this can’t be the first time it’s happened, or else why would your uniform jacket and white-shirt-with-collar grow two extra sleeves when you suddenly find you need them?  And it’s lucky that it did because they’re expensive and you’re outgrowing them too fast as it is, or so the parents keep telling you.

Anyway, if this isn’t a good excuse for missing First Hour you don’t know what is.  So it’s off to Marvin’s for a coffee at the Mile Long Lunch Counter, and maybe a doughnut.  Maybe three doughnuts.  One for each of those free hands.

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