new fountain pen guilt

Hey, it’s a thing.  Normally, you should be gloriously  un-guilty about your collection of fountain pens: they’re actual tools, they last almost forever if you take good care of them,  and as a working artist, you’re pretty good about avoiding the really expensive ones. But every once in a while the lure of a particular Japanese soft steel nib meets the temptation of late night Internet shopping, and a box comes in the mail.  And then a couple days later you have to take the dog to the vet and the car breaks down in the vet’s parking lot, and you have two unplanned bills and you should really send the pen back since you haven’t filled it up yet.

But you don’t. And it turns out to be a really cool pen and you like it a lot.  But it’ll be a while before you can use it without feeling a little guilty.

Here’s the sketchbook sample page from my new Pilot “Elabo”:


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