top ten excuses for typos in my blog posts

Been spending way too much time recently fixing typos in my blog posts.  Normally I’m at least a decent writer, good enough to manage it’s and its, anyway.  Miss Foote taught me better than that, back in high school. She wasn’t big on excuses, but perhaps you will be more forgiving …

 Top Ten Excuses for Typos in My Blog Posts

  • It was late./ I was tired. (tie)
  • Cut finger cooking; bandage makes it hard to type.
  • Posting from phone; keyboard too small.
  • Stupid autofill!
  • Posting from tablet; hit wrong suggested word.
  • Dog jumped up on my lap while I was typing.
  • Too much wine with dinner.
  • Posting from desktop; couldn’t find my wrist support and my carpal tunnel was killing me.
  • Stupid autocorrect!
  • You know that thing that happens? When you’re sort of typing phonetically, like you’re taking dictation from your own brain?


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