take a ride on one of those great japanese matchbox labels

f0cf7cf359dc4c21338eb70e97a55a6c (1)Saddle up your favorite snail (a pal is always good for a lift) and come with us for a trip to that very special realm of imagination, the world of the Japanese matchbox label: where absurdity meets high levels of craftsmanship for some of the best, and some of the weirdest, small scale printmaking ever.  The level of detail in this little image is delightful.   Ride ’em bee-boy, even if you look more like wasp with the head of a praying mantis. But that only makes it more fun.

(Find my new collection of Japanese matchbox labels on the “labels” board on my Pinterest. My handle is “blackberry fox”.  Pinterest.  A most amusing internet obsession.)

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