more wrestling action! from the moose lodge

Let’s get ready to (small scale) rumble!  Here are some action shots from my famous “wrestling at the Moose Lodge” shoot of last Sunday.  TV wrestling this was not, but its more intimate distances made for some most interesting photographic opportunities.  As I mentioned in my first post, I had way more fun with this than I expected to have.

These guys are very entertaining performers and put a lot of energy and passion into their work.  Their facial expressions are priceless.  All of these shots were cropped, mostly because I am not used to a zoom lens and the art of composing on the fly.

A small sensor point and shoot, even a good one with an excellent lens like my Fuji X10, is really not the right tool for shooting action in low light.  The relatively fast shutter speeds you need to stop action require the use of very high ISOs (a measure of sensor sensitivity) to record enough light, and this makes for grainy, “noisy” pictures, particularly on small sensor cameras.  And you can see from some of these shots that shutter speeds of 1/100 or 1/200,  which were my compromises, were not always fast enough to fully stop the action.  Watch for a bit of motion blur, particularly on the hands.


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