at ten minutes of four …

Well, it was about ten minutes of four when I saw the clock in the first image, and I thought it was a funny coincidence.  But by the time I cropped the photo in question, and the other ones, and frosted the cookies, and berated the Dire Corgi for stealing five of them, and got around to setting up this post, it was 20 minutes after five, so you will have to take the joke as a given.

Don’t worry about the Avenging (or Ascending?) Angel– you already know that he survived the match to have a snack afterwards with a small fan in a pink hat, as seen in the first post in this “Wrestling at the Moose Lodge” series.

It is the Dire Corgi’s birthday today, so it turns out that he has stolen his own special treat.  At least he was nice enough to share his illicit birthday cookies with his brother.

So there you go.  The chronicle of a Saturday afternoon: taking and editing photographs, wrangling corgis, making neon blue cookies.  And writing a blog post with about 22  24  separate edits.

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