best of the drawing of the day, week 137: doctor elabo

drawingoftheday-week137-doctorelaboIn spite of the caption, here’s someone who needs no introduction.  Doctor Elabo is in the house!  He’s a jolly, funky, mystical guy, and very much the spirit of my new Pilot Elabo fountain pen.  (Yes, the one I was feeling so guilty about a little while ago.)  I will say my guilt is lessening every day I have this pen, because it is quite amazingly flexible and a joy to use.

Drawings like this one are really more sophisticated versions of the test pages I do for new pens, like the one you see in the link above.   This one is finished, but it is still a sampler of sorts,  designed (on the fly– it’s a lucky drawing) to try to explore some of the different ways you can shade with this pen, and to demonstrate what I think are pretty much its full range of line weights.  And a pretty dynamic range that is, for a medium nib.  It’s a serene, powerful, but essentially forgiving pen, just like Doctor Elabo himself.

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