the drawing of the day, year seven

Regular readers already know about my drawing of the day project.  Six years ago yesterday I made a New Year’s resolution to do a finished, inked drawing every day for year. Frankly, I would have counted the project a success if I had stuck with it long enough to fill up one sketchbook.  Nobody was more suprised than I was when New Year’s Eve came around again and I hadn’t missed a day. So I did it again, and so on.  (Today’s drawing will be the first of year seven.)  When I started this blog, the first regular feature was The Best of the Drawing of the Day, which appears most weeks on Thursday or Friday. Click on “drawing of the day” in the tag cloud to see the archive.

Next week there will be several “Best of”s, as we catch up after the holidays.IMG_20150101_170451~2   In preparation, here is a exclusive backstage look at the Coffee Mugs of Doom and Art Supplies which hold the tools I use for this project, as photographed on the kitchen counter where the light is better. The white “Car Talk” mug was a gift from my mother in law, courtesy of her volunteer work at the local public radio station, while the silver on black Tucker mug came off the clearance table at an auto museum somewhere.  The lime green Lamy Joy will be featured in one of next week’s posts, and the Pilot Elabo is the dark red pen next to it.  The famous scritchy-scratchy pen is in the Tucker mug, recognizable by its long black body with a wad of blue tape on the end.  Missing, as they often are, is a certain pair of scissors with pink grips that belong in one or the other of these mugs–these scissors are razor sharp except for that one notch, and they have a tendency to wander.  Found ’em on the TV table soon after I took the picture.

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2 Responses to the drawing of the day, year seven

  1. Wolfie says:

    Extra virgin olive oil is an interesting drawing tool. Doesn’t it make the pages all greasy?

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    Nice of you not to mention the two bottles of Brazilian sugar cane rum and one of rye whiskey that are also in the background. I did say I had moved the cups to the kitchen counter for the sake of the light. But yes, drawing tools work better in the kitchen than foodstuffs do in the sketchbook.

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