tumblr sunday: little dancing gods



Somewhere out in the reaches of the internet is the tumblr of a cartoonist who goes by the handle “Inonibird”.  And Inonibird makes these amazing semi-stick figure drawings of characters based on the Ancient Egyptian pantheon: the Stick-Gods. Some are comics, some are animated gifs, and all are charming as all get out.  The wonderfully elaborate gif above, a tribute to another favorite animated dance, was created to celebrate the first anniversary of the series.  Click on the link below to admire them all– they’re well worth your time.

This link takes you to an index post from which you can access all the Stick-Gods goodness.

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3 Responses to tumblr sunday: little dancing gods

  1. Rick Santman says:

    I glanced at this post and IMMEDIATELY in the back of my head Vince Guaraldi started playing the piano. This has the exact flavor (to me, at least ) of the kids dancing in A Charlie Brown Christmas.

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    I am sure that is what the creator had in mind. Even some of the dances are the same!

  3. Rick Santman says:

    Well that’s certainly the response it elicited from me, and that’s just from the image you posted. I didn’t follow the link to any actual dancing…

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