tumblr sunday: royal evolution

One of the interesting things about having a monarchy (and a longlived monarch) is a chance to watch the evolution of a person in engraved portraits, rather than the usual photographs.  We all know that Queen Elizabeth II is quite an old lady, and that she has been on the throne since she was in her twenties.  And for all that time she has been featured in the design of a lot of paper money, not just in Great Britain, but in all of the Commonwealth countries.  And every time those bills are redesigned (which is more frequently in the rest of the world than it is here in the States), the artists make a new, up to date portrait of the Queen for the front of the bill.   It was just a matter of time before somebody made an animated monetary gif like this, which includes some youthful portraits as well:queen-gif I can certainly see the political value some nations find in the stable symbolism of a constitutional monarch.  If nothing else, he or she is always there to do the basic work of representing the nation in people’s lives and do it in a non partisan way, leaving the government free to govern.  And somebody like the Queen can become a familiar figure in other parts of the world as well.  I’ve always sort of liked her, just because she’s always been there.  Plus, she has corgis.

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2 Responses to tumblr sunday: royal evolution

  1. Wolfie says:

    Funny thing… Just yesterday I was going through some ephemera and found my collection of old paper money. I have an old Canadian $1 bill from the 50s with a very young Queen Liz on the front. Right behind it was an old Canadian $2 bill from the 80s with an older Queen Liz. Now, of course, the smallest they have is a $5, and they’re made of funky plastic, and the $20 has a very nice elderly Queen Liz on it.
    I, too, have a soft spot for the queen. I heard the story of how recently, this 20-something couple in the UK, just regular folk, were making out their wedding invitations and, as a joke, they sent one to Buckingham Palace. Well, on their wedding day, in a little church somewhere, who shows up but the Queen herself. That’s pretty cool.
    I also like the fact that she served in the vehicle corps in WWII. It’s cool to have a queen who can tear apart an engine and give you advice on your balky transmission. I’ll bet she could still swing a wrench if she had to.

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    I believe she does– I know she has an old Land Rover at Balmoral that she drives herself around in through the worst of the rocky landscape and I believe she maintains it herself or at least supervises those who do.

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