the sheet music cover- pencils

alwaysdoyourbest-1-pencil-200The theme for this year’s Oh, Comics! anthology is “Music” and I decided to write a theme song for Foursquare, Kekionga’s home grown superhero.  The first page of the story called “Theme Song” is the imaginary cover for the imaginary sheet music, featuring Foursquare, Iowa and sidekick!Josef.  It’s drawn in the classic Kekionga style (which some of the story is not), except that Jack is wearing yet another version of the Golden Age Foursquare costume.  Someday I will fix the design for it, but there’s no real hurry since it exists primarily in Jack’s head anyway– I’m not sure he always imagines it the same way himself.  Foursquare’s pose is swiped, as it often is, from CC Beck’s original Captain Marvel. You can tell Josef is being a sidekick because he is wearing a little cape.  Iowa is just too amused by the whole thing.

Thanks to Wolfie for writing the first draft of the second verse of the song, which was proving difficult.

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2 Responses to the sheet music cover- pencils

  1. Wolfie says:

    Cover looks great! Great composition and I dig the big bold lettering! I also dig the idea that Jack always imagines the costume a bit differently… keeps his favorite parts of it and keeps refining those details.

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