a cubic cat

Had the Polaroid Cube in my pocket when I dropped in at the vet’s this morning for a fresh supply of minty fishballs*, and was moved to try to photograph Sebastian, one of the the resident cats.

This Sebastian is quite a character: he has the run of the office and usually stations himself in the waiting room to greet human visitors and check out all the other animals.  He doesn’t seem to be afraid of anyone or anything, from hysterical fellow cats in boxes to dogs ten times his size, and observes the world around him with an objective enjoyment which is almost artistic.  (If this cat has a blog we are all in deep trouble.)  As you see, he was quite interested in the camera and has the makings of an excellent model.

The large images are the original super wide angle shots, while the squares are cropped out of them.

*”Minty fishballs” is what we call the Omega fatty acid capsules we give our older dogs.  They are made of fish oil with mint added to keep them from being too unpleasant.  Dogs love them. They’re minty and fishy.)

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