the box with the greek letter tape

newsigma-tape-square-blogIt takes a moment to parse the pleasant red pattern on this shipping tape on this box– it’s the Greek letter sigma repeated over and over.  Which might suggest the contents could include a new lens from … Sigma.  (Well, not a new lens.  It is refurbished.  We are are not made of money here. )

Specifically, the box contained the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 Art, a big, beefy fast prime that should be good for just about everything my “third eye” 55mm portrait lens is too long for.  newsigma1-blogThat’s it on the K-5iis.  I was not kidding when I said “beefy”.  For comparison, my smaller body (the K-30) with my smallest lens (the 21mm f/3.2  Limited) on it is in the background.

If you came up on film, this lens offers the field of view of a 45mm lens on full frame– a sweet spot between normal and wide angle that is perilously close to the 41mm that some people claim is the focal length of the human eye.  I guess several years of the phone camera have widened my inner eye enough that 50mm just feels a little tight to me, and this big guy is just about right.  Here’s a shot I took with my new lens: the box, the K-30/21 and the Sigma’s  dinner plate of a 62mm lens cap.  File it as another piece of the furoshiki project, and note the difference in texture and feel from the phone camera shots above.newsigmabox-blog

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