stone age song

Today I’m digging through old work and I revised a script for a story to include in the my new anthology comic.  Here’s a song from her childhood that Gale, the Unfrozen Cave Girl Woman, sings while she works on an ordinary summer day in Kekionga.  No plans for the full translation to appear in the story, so if people ask, I will refer them to this post.

Gale’s Stone Age Song:

  • Mammut, mammut
  • raktak, raktak
  • mammut raktak
  • mammut rak!
  • halko usham,
  • usham,usham
  • ramho shamal, miho shamal, nino shamal
  • halko usham,
  • ulu arben, ulu tenshen, ulu rakten
  • usham! floi!
  • mammut, mammut
  • mammut ektun
  • ektun rak
  • halko ektunk,
  • halko usham
  • halko floi!

(mammoth, mammoth,/ we hunt you, we hunt you./ mammoth, we hunt you./the mammoth is dead,/ the people will live,/will live, will live./men will be warm and full, women will be warm and full, children will be warm and full:/the people will live. /we will make scrapers, we will make needles, we will make knives. /we will live! we rejoice!/mammoth, mammoth, /mammoth, we thank you./we thank you for your death./the people thank you./the people will live,/ the people rejoice!)

File this under “imaginary history”,  I guess.

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