best of the drawing of the day, week 146: spread your tiny wings

drawingoftheday-week146-snowbirdYet another in the sporadic but definitely ongoing series “Pretty Good Dragons”, we have Albus, of the breed sometimes known as the Snowbird*.  Yes, this is the same drawing you can see in the photograph of the disgraceful mess on top of my disgraceful coffee table that I posted yesterday.  It looks at least a little better with the pencil lines taken out and one small correction made in whiteout.  Well, it looks more finished anyway.

It’s pretty obvious that I didn’t write the caption until I was deep in the inking stage.  This is unusual, since I usually have the idea for the text fairly early in the drawing process. That means I can tighten up the writing and lay out the words before I start to ink, and all the crossouts and insertions will magically disappear in the same way as the pencil lines for the art.  This is not the case here.  For those who can’t read my squeezed up scribbles, which are a combination of proper lettering and my personal notehand, here is a legible version:

I know he looks like some kind of bird, but he’s a dragon, really. The red ones are Firebirds,  so you can call ALBUS here a SNOWBIRD, I guess.  (The real names are in Chinese.)

*I know it is probably not technically possible to have an earworm for almost three months, but I swear that Anne Murray tune has been stuck in my head since I wrote this post last November.  It’s possible that’s where the idea for this drawing came from.

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