tumblr sunday on monday: evolution in silhouette

Because it’s Auto Show Week,  because we love cars and we love images and we love art and we love history and we love trivia, here is a gorgeous artistic image of cars that is also a clever infographic. golfhistorysilhouette Yep, that’s the design history of the Volkswagen Golf, in silhouette.  (For our readers in the US, yes, that’s a VW Rabbit at the top.  The first generation Golf was marketed as the Rabbit in the States.  I’m not sure why, though it probably has to do with a European perception of the US market as being less “sophisticated”.)  Whatever you call them, all Golfs share the same basic design and represent the tried and true essence of the basic Eurohatch*.  Many other vehicles share a design philosophy over time in similar ways, and learning about and being able to recognize these design “families” is one of the core skills of successful car spotting.

The work of the artist at the SilhouetteHistory website, silhouettehistory.com shows how elegant an understanding of this part of automotive history.  If the Golf is too mundane for you, visit the site to see similar histories of the Ford Mustang, the Nissan Z car, the Volvo sedan, and many other marques and models.

*Every year I go to the Auto Show and every year the base model Golf comes up near or at the top of my list of cars I saw that I’d genuinely like to own and drive.  It always has a solid feel and excellent visibility all the way around, and I am always able to get the seat, wheel and mirrors adjusted to take a positive driving position. The controls are simple and arranged in a logical way. A base Golf is a nice size, not too expensive (within the range of new car prices, which are of course totally ghastly), safe, and reasonably economical to run.  Anyone who would like to give me a new Golf (I would like a white or a dark blue one), or a well maintained, good running used one in any color (an old one with roll up windows and manual locks and such would be awesome!) , is welcome to contact me.  In return I will review it for the blog and write about it regularly.

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