best of the drawing of the day, week 147: figure with a pillar statue

drawingoftheday-week147-figurewithastatueofasaintIn certain places in the Knotted Rope Universe, the word “saint” is used to describe a motley collection of half-forgotten godlings, nature spirits, historical figures, cultural heroes, legends, and, well, saints who are revered, worshiped or admired in variety of more or less organized ways.  This carries over into the sketchbook world as well, where masks and statues and other works of art appear frequently in the drawings, objects that look like they may be part of the culture of the saints.

This is the case, here, where this odd little figure seems to be leaning on a saintly “pillar statue”. Statues of this kind are carved out of standing stones with little regard for the niceties of the art of sculpture; they are as much symbol as statue.  Sometimes it seems that they might be carved by later peoples onto (or out of) standing stones raised by earlier inhabitants for very different (though ultimately unknown) purposes.

This crossover raises a question that I think about a lot sometimes: is the sketchbook world part of the official Knotted Rope?

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