auto show notebook

It was a close call; we had to wait until the last possible day, but yes, we made it to the Chicago Auto Show this year.  You’ll have to wait a bit to see a few selections from the more than 400 photographs I took (mostly because you’ll want to me to select from the good ones– trust me).  But the notebook doesn’t have to be downloaded or sorted.  First, from the Overheard file:

  • Man, to another man: “Phil, you’re a great brother.”
  • Woman usher at the foot of escalator, to her counterpart at the foot of the other escalator: “Where’s Marsha?”  Reply: “She’s gone home.  And she’s not coming back.”  Got the impression Marsha was pretty fed up.  Marsha has left the building.  She is outta here.
  • Car salesman to potential car buyer: “Nobody believes a car salesman, but I really love this car.”  I believe you, buddy.  I believe you’d really love to sell it.

All the colors of the Moon:  There are finally a few signs that the great Conservative Color Boycott of the last few years  may be easing.  More about this later, but there were more interesting colors on the floor this year than in any year since before the Great Recession.  And fun, or at least interesting, color names seem to be returning, even when the colors are still stuck in the highly conservative patterns of the bad years.  Honda’s premium line, Acura, offers a wide range of delightful colors, including:

  • Graphite Luster: metallic grey
  • Gilded Pewter: champagne gold
  • Forged Silver: light silver metallic
  • Silver Moon:  another shade of light silver metallic
  • Lunar Silver:  slightly darker silver metallic

OK.  I will agree that that the Moon is sort of two toned.  In fact, if you wanted to make a two toned silver car and give the color pattern a Moon name that would be pretty cool.  But short of that, do you really need three different shades of silver, two of which are named after the Moon?  At the very least, throw a silver blue in there.  Or a silver green.  Name them after some different moons, perhaps the moons of other planets.


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