wrestling with a portrait lens

That’s a title with a double meaning, in case you were wondering: I went to a pro wrestling exhibition and took photographs with a portrait lens, and while I was there I wrestled epically with that lens. (No light.  There is no light in that place.  And I learned a lot about how not to handle its absence.)  But the shoot was an awful lot of fun, mostly because the wrestlers and the fans are all such great subjects. oxbakerjunior-blog This is Ox Baker Junior, who has clearly never met a camera he does not like.  And the camera  likes him right back.  At least mine does.  The first is a full frame, right out of the camera, the second is a crop from an exposure I liked better, with a composition I did not.  This unique facial expression, I understand, is one that belonged to  the original Ox Baker.oxbakerjunior-crop-blog More wrestling photos to come, including some action, but, like the carpenter’s hammer that makes everything look like a nail, a portrait lens makes a photographer see portraits everywhere. Even in ridiculously low light.

(This is probably going to be a very photographic week here on the blog, but how often do you get an auto show and a wrestling extravaganza in one weekend?)

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