best of the drawing of the day, week 148: the long lynx

drawingoftheday-week148-longlynxAh, what could be sweeter than the relationship between a boy and his … yard long giant psychic snake/cat/dragon thing?  Psychic isn’t the right word, but felinoids (otherwise known as catsnakes and longcats) are definitely the most common members of the “psychic pet” class of fantasy/science fiction characters found in Knotted Rope stories.  Most longcats are fluffy, stripey beasts, resembling an intelligent and rather snarky cross between a Cheshire Cat and an anaconda, but in cold climates they sometimes take on lynxlike qualities for maximum efficiency in snow.  A longcat may prefer not to dirty its paws with the inconvenient (and bloody) details of outdoor survival, but it is perfectly capable of dealing with them when necessary.

Search the blog for “felinoid” to find more pictures of longcats.  They prowl through the sketchbooks fairly frequently.

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