twine time

Let’s take the time to think about … twine.  It’s not something you think about a lot; most of us have replaced it (if we ever had it) with rubber bands or wire twisties or cable ties or bungee cords.  Or tape. I use blue tape for everything.  If you wanted twine, would you even be able to get it?  Where would you even go?twine time 1-blogTo a big box “home store” of course.twine time 2-blogThere, it is, all ready for spring, made of all natural materials in a pleasing color scheme of green and natural buff, with all the hairy, potentially scratchy texture of the great classic twine.  I didn’t buy any, although I was tempted.  It’s a compelling material but I have no use for it.

So it’s twine time, twine time …  made of sisal and jute …twine time 3-blogUse it for tying and binding; it really is … a beaut?twine time 4

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