through the black chicken gate (thoughts on worldbuilding) part 1

I had a rather important new piece of the Kekionga background fall down on me all in a chunk over the weekend. It’s doesnt happen often, having a significant idea right at your desk, with the notebook for that project literally under your left hand.  This one’s origin was totally clear and thoroughly documented, and it starts with a hypermelanistic chicken.

Apropos of a discussion we’d been having on an unrelated topic, someone sent me a link to this article on Wikipedia, and another to an image very similar to this one.cem046_zpsf24019c0 I was very taken by the idea of a character who was a little solid black rooster.  Maybe he could be drawn as a simple black shape … I was immediately determined to write this rooster into one of my stories.  I know Edison’s sidekick/familiar is supposed to be an owl, but I haven’t drawn those pages of the story yet …

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