tumblr sunday: celtic treasure

tumblr_nkt0dgI3Pa1s7urydo1_500The caption in this image reads Trésor celtique découvert en Ardennes.   My high school French renders this as “Celtic treasure either discovered or uncovered in the Ardennes”.  I seem to remember that découvert means both or either, depending on context, and in this case I don’t suppose it really matters.  And really, what does “dis-covered” mean, when taken literally?   Perhaps it’s actually the same word, one of the ones that came into the English language from across the Channel at the time of the Norman Conquest.

The internet could probably answer that question.  A good dictionary certainly could.  But right now its more fun to think about it, while looking at that wonderful, serene portrait from a Celtic trove.  I don’t think even Google could tell us who he was: king, or saint, or god.

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